Server Virtualization / Virtualization Application Delivery

Server Virtualization, Consolidation & Migration services.

Consolidate and Virtualize

We will help you reduce IT Costs and increase control through Server consolidation and virtualization.

With server consolidation and virtualization using any Virtualization technology (VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix), you can centralize your server management and automate your data center. This eliminates over-provisioning and results in better server utilization.

Server consolidation offers several benefits such as:

  • Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50%
  • Reduce energy costs by about 80%
  • Reduce provisioning time for new servers by up-to 70%
  • Reduced downtime and quicker disaster-recovery
  • IT Services on demand independent of hardware, operating system or infrastructure

Frontier provides migration services

Once you have consolidated and virtualized your servers, you have the task of actually migrating your applications and users to the new environment. Our experienced engineers will help you with the migration and ensure a smooth transition to the new environment.

Frontier has over a decade's experience in Virtualization and Server Consolidation. Our services have been used by over two hundred businesses for server consolidation and virtualization. We have a large team of experienced, and industry certified virtualization specialists.

Talk to our specialists for a discussion and to answer any questions you may have.