Application Delivery Networking / Virtualization Application Delivery

Ensure the visibility, availability and security of your application over the network by implementing Application Deliver Networking (ADN).

Application delivery networking consists of a suite of technologies which when deployed together, provides availability, application availability, security and acceleration. It is essentially a combination of WAN optimization controllers and Application delivery controllers.

Accelerate your application delivery

With application environments become more complex, more distributed, and more virtualized, enterprises are looking at Application Delivery Networking as a solution to deliver faster and high performance user experience.

Website traffic is not constant, and it has peaks that troughs that are difficult to predict. ADN solutions are typically high performance, mobile and scalable. They reduce the strain placed on your application infrastructure with network-level buffering, optimizing protocols and load balancing algorithms.

Frontier can help you set up high speed, high availability and highly secure Application Deliver Networks

We have expertise and experience across a wide range of Application Delivery Networking solutions from vendors such as VMWare, Citrix, Radware, Brocade and F5 Networks. We understand your application infrastructure, and your network.

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