Unified Threat Management / Security

Security threats are perpetually escalating. Managing multiple security solutions for different risks is complex. The logical option is to adopt a UTM solution for mitigating multiple security threats with a single easy to manage appliance

UTMs are easy to deploy, manage & update.

With increasing number of attacks and a wide range of security threats via hacking , virus , worms & insider threats , management of these increasingly threat has become very difficult. UTM has emerged as a logical & comprehensive security solution, which has decreased the IT task of risk mitigation.

UTM carries multiple security features built into one appliance: network firewalling, network intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS), gateway antivirus (AV), gateway anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, load balancing, data loss prevention, and on-appliance reporting.

UTM being managed through a single console is very easy to manage , thereby reducing operational complexities and administration costs.

Identity-based UTM for both wired & wireless environments.

It has the ability to establish the identity of the individual user on wired network as well as on wireless & DHCP environments. This enables any organization to identify unauthorized intrusions or malicious attacks from inside or outside the organization.

Get away from operational complexities & overheads cost associated with traditional security solutions. Take proactive action against network threats. Adopt Unified Threat Management Solutions

Selecting enterprise UTM firewalls is however not easy

Selecting and implementing of UTM firewall calls for expertise. The UTM’s need to be evaluated for contextual performance, adequacy of UTM feature sets, ease of network integration and management.

Leverage Frontier’s expertise and partner eco-system.

We work with leading UTM providers such as CISCO, Palo Alto Networks and Juniper.

Our Technical Security experts are trained and experienced in configuration and management of a wide range of Security tools from leading vendors. Our team has several years of experience in design, build and management of security across a wide range of IT environments on-premises and on the Cloud . We have the expertise, tools and partnerships to protect your infrastructure and applications from malware, viruses and various threats on the internet.

We have the people specialized and experienced in evaluating and implementing the UTM security solution. We can help clients to bring UTM features into play in a flexible & controlled way.

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