Network Virtualization / Virtualization Application Delivery

Build enterprise agility. Deploy and manage network resources as logical resources rather than physical resources. 

Traditional network architecture results in underutilized network resources , neither very efficient or agile. Network virtualization solves the complexities associated with the traditional network architecture and contribute to increased network agility and flexibility.

Network virtualization enables the management and monitoring of an entire network from a single software-based administrator’s console. Different network architecture and protocols can be deployed over a shared physical infrastructure. It facilitates inter-domain interoperability and on-demand provisioning of the network.

Leverage Frontier’s extensive virtualization expertise & experience. Frontier is a technology leader in design and implementation of Virtualization. We have experience in virtualizing every element of the datacenter: servers, network, security and storage.

Using network virtualization, an organization can:

  • Optimize application performance & network speed
  • Achieve Network optimization of : data transfer rates, flexibility, scalability, reliability and security
  • Reduce overall operational cost
  • Optimize the network resource usage

We work with leading technology vendors such as VMWare, Nutanix, CISCO and HPE to design and deliver network.

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