Software Defined Networking - SDN / Digital Enterprise

Build agility, flexibility and programmability into your network


Technologies such as social communications, cloud, mobility and big data analytics are creating new opportunities for growth and a competitive edge for the agile enterprise. The network is the backbone on which all these technologies are enabled. The number of connected devices are multiplying at an exponential rate and ratcheting up the demand on the network even further.

Traditional networking cannot keep pace with this rate of change, and can result in a negative business impact for organizations that are not able to ramp up frequent and rapid turnaround times for new IT configurations.

A network that is agile, secure and can accommodate rapid network configuration changes can be a major enabler for cloud and mobility. This agility, integrated and secure network is easily achieved with the deployment of a Software Defined Network (SDN)

Such a network built on SDN can be an accelerator for business by increasing agility and speed to market. It's operational efficiency can reduce risk and enhances user experience.

Whether you want to increase speed to market. protect internal resources with a distributed firewall, or burst to the cloud with your application, the answer is a SDN.

Implementing Security into the SDN: SDN Security differs in significant ways from traditional network security, and it actually offers better security management. You can also automate security configurations and enforce security compliance to predetermined policies.

Integrating Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Some organizations have moved to Hyper-converged infrastructure elements, and these need integration into the SDN. We have expertise in multiple hyper-converged solutions, and can easily integrate these into your SDN.

Integration and implementation of a SDE

A Software Defined Environment requires a Software Defined Network, Virtualized Storage and Computing to be in place. We have skills, experience and a successful track record in all technologies. In addition to this, we can help you further enhance your IT capabilities by adding orchestration layers to deliver a private cloud or hybrid cloud with a single management console.

We partner with the best

We work with CISCO, VMWare, AWS, Azure and several other technology vendors to implement SDN, and other solutions revolving around the SDN. CISCO and VMWare are our SDN partners. We also partner with AWS and Azure for SDN's morphing into Software Defined Datacenters. However, at Frontier we are technology and vendor agnostic, and evaluate any solution or technology from the perspective of a best fit that meets the customer’s business objectives. Frontier as your SDN partner

Seamless Network Virtualization by Frontier

We can help you plan and migrate your network to a SDN model seamlessly with no disruption to your business operations. We start with an asset discovery, assessment, SDN design, migration plan and eventual move to a SDN.

We partner with the best

  • Frontier has deep capabilities in Software Defined Networking. We have designed and implemented several SDN projects
  • As a first step, we will help you understand Software Defined Networking, what it can do for your business and plot a roadmap to SDN for your organization
  • We have executed over 1000 networking projects, have expertise in on-premise and cloud technologies, and all virtualization of compute and storage
  • Our services team will secure, monitor and manage your network round the clock through the year, ensuring high performance , availability and uptime
  • Our CTO office is constantly upgrading our organizational technical skills, and will bring all the latest proven technologies to your IT, helping you stay updated and agile at all times
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