Our Competitive Advantages / Frontier

There are some excellent fact-borne reasons to partner with Frontier for your IT infrastructure solutions and services. Here are three good reasons:

Frontier offers End to End Solutions and Services

Frontier is a single stop destination for every IT infrastructure solution in the datacenter or the cloud. We architect, implement, secure, monitor and manage every technology domain, and our solutions are end to end.

We have expertise in : Data center design and implementation, Uninterrupted power solutions, smart building solutions, End user computing, Unified Computing, Unified communications, Hyper converged infrastructure, Public, Private and Hybrid cloud.

Ahead of the Curve

Passion for technology drives our organization. We are constantly on the watch to spot new and emerging technologies that can drive efficiency and give our customers a competitive advantage.

In 1999 we were the first to set up a POC for IBM's Storage Area Networks with an investment of over 10 Million INR. This POC was used by customers to see how SAN works, and also to test drive their applications. Since then, enterprise storage in all its avatars has been a core strength of Frontier

Virtualization started becoming a viable technology in 2006, and we invested resources, dedicated people to develop expertise, and set up a Center of Excellence for customers to test drive their solutions. Over the last decade we have virtualized thousands of servers , desktops and storage. Today we are also driving SDN, SDS and SDDC, which are all various avatars of virtualization.

Cloud as a technology became reliable for large scale adoption three years back, and Frontier has been at the forefront of leading the cloud wave. Over the last three years we have a large dedicated team of solution architects and Cloud technology professionals designing and delivering solutions. We have the expertise in Private, Public and Hybrid cloud solutions. We architect, implement, secure, monitor and manage enterprise cloud implementations. We help customers automate provisioning and security compliance.

IOT , Big Data and analytics are the next big wave, and Frontier is building skills in these areas

Experience Certainty

Frontier is a financially sound organization, debt free. We have been around for two decades, and will continue to be around to support you.

Since we offer end to end solutions and services, you have a single point of accountability in Frontier, and this ensures lower down times and higher IT efficiencies

We work at keeping ahead of technology, and have skills and expertise in all the latest and emerging IT infrastructure technologies. This ensures that you are never stuck with a partner who can't deliver the latest technology to you, or who is knowledge challenged to address your needs with the most appropriate technologies and solutions

We are an ISO 27001 organization and are process oriented to keep our client data secure. Our service delivery is ITIL compliant to ensure high quality service. We operate a 24x7x365 Service desk to ensure timely assistance to our customers. This works to reduce your down time and maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Every technology we bring to you is already implemented in our datacenter. We practice what we preach.

And finally - we bring you two decades of experience in designing and delivering complex enterprise IT projects. Over the last two decades, we have seen every project to completion, and are committed to excellence in every project we undertake