Next – Gen firewalls / Security

The threat landscape has permanently changed. You need new-gen firewalls to keep your IT secure


Today over 80% of malware and intrusion attempts target the application weaknesses, as against traditional targeting of vulnerabilities in network components and services.

Traditional protection measures based on ports and protocols and IP addresses are no longer reliable or efficient. Deploying stand alone products that provide URL filtering, anti-virus/anti- malware as in first generation firewalls and later is proving to be inadequate. What is required is an identity based security approach and move ahead of conventional security devices which apply security to IP addresses.

These next-generation firewalls offer deeper control of individual applications along with better inspection capabilities. Security administrators can create very granular levels of rules for allowing or denying rules for control of websites and applications. They integrate enterprise firewall capabilities with intrusion prevention and application control.

Traditional protection measures based on ports and protocols and IP addresses are no longer reliable or efficient.

You need security to enable and drive your business efficiently with no business interruptions or security incidents. With multiple devices, public, private and hybrid cloud models, traditional management of end-point security will not suffice. Businesses need to look for holistic solutions that keep its IT secure, while keeping the administration and management simple.

If you have mobile enabled applications, private, hybrid or public cloud, more than one branch office or datacenter, you will find the next-gen firewall gives you security assurance even while administration is from a single control panel, granular and easy to manage.

We can help you assess your Security posture which includes application use, URL traffic, content types, and threats. Based on the assessment, we can architect your security and recommend the appropriate next-gen firewall.

Call us for a Security assessment and protect yourself from unidentified risks. Frontier has two decades of experience in IT Security and has designed and implemented security for several enterprise networks and datacenters. We are large partners for several leading security vendors such as : CISCO, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Symantec and others.

Competent, experienced and certified security consultants will work on your security assessment, design and implementation.

Frontier also has capabilities and experience in design and implementation of security to meet standards such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA. Our compliance team can also help you automate your security so that your IT stays standards compliant without any configuration drift.