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Core Features of Dell EMC ScaleIO

Dell EMC ScaleIO is a software for building Software-defined-storage and convert direct attached storage into block storage infrastructure. This helps organizations run their datacenters with the efficiency of a large organization, regardless of whether their organization is large or small. It also drives efficiency and delivers cost effective storage.


Shorter storage lifecycle

With Dell EMC ScaleIO, customers can build storage using their standard x86 and ethernet infrastructure. Expensive San and associated costs of expertise are obviated. The time needed to plan and deploy Software-defined-storage is minimal, and reduces the plan to deployment lifecycle time significantly.


Highly scalable

Dell EMC ScaleIO is designed for easy and high scalability. Easily scale from five to thousands of nodes. Add additional compute and storage resources modularly. You can grow storage and computing capability totally independent of each other and also keep your IT always aligned to what your applications demand without investing in resources that will have no utilization.


Compelling economics

Because you can add capacity modularly, you can take an approach of pay as you grow for your storage. There are no SAN's and other expensive storage components like fabric and HBA required when you implement Software-defined-storage with Dell EMC ScaleIO. The simplified storage lifecycle management will help you improve operational efficiency, avoid expensive migrations and lower Operating expenditure significantly. Hence with Dell EMC ScaleIO, you lower both your Capital expenditure and Operational expenditure.


Extreme Performance

Dell EMC ScaleIO implements parallel processing and ensures that aggregated I/O is accessible to any and every application in the cluster. It pools block storage across all the x86 servers. As the servers grow, so does the performance. ScaleIO optimizes performance automatically. Applications are not affected by rebuilds and rebalances as these processes run in the background. .


Essential Security

Dell EMC ScaleIO offers excellent security for access and operations. You can integrate this into your Active Directory/LDAP and enable granular level access and privileges for each user and user groups. As a result, your users can be authenticated using the same password they use to access other resources on the network. The connections between ScaleIO components are encrypted with SSL, and prevents unauthorized access to the system


Enterprise-grade capabilities

Dell EMC ScaleIO has features built-in to enhance performance, increase interoperability with other systems, enable monitoring, be fault tolerant and have high availability. It also offers the features of multi-tenancy and a high order of data protection. These features ensure that they can be adopted and deployed by enterprises and service providers with confidence.


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