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The world of computing is going through some incredible changes. Computers are writing their own software with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning. Training and inference are dependant on GPU acceleration for deep learning. Nvidia is driving this change with GPU deep learning that can be deployed anywhere - desktops, laptops and supercomputers.

Purpose-Built AI Supercomputers

NVIDIA DGX systems are a portfolio of Purpose-Built Artificial Intelligence Supercomputers These powerful tools for AI exploration from the desktop, to the datacetner to the cloud. With Nvidia DGX Station and Nvidia DGX-1 some powerful features are built in

Powerful Features

- They are fully integrated - with software and hardware
- NVIDIA Volta GPU architecture is the foundation on which both these products are built

High Performance

- It is a completely optimized system including - deep learning training, inference and analytics
  - It delivers unmatched performance


Self-driving cars 

Nvidia provides an open AI platform for automakers and their suppliers to accelerate production of autonomous vehicles. Nvidia products include a palm-sized module for AutoCruise as well as a powerful AI supercomputer that can be deployed for autonomous driving.


Intelligent machines

NVIDIA JETSON provides intelligent devices with deep learning and the ability to embed AI into it. It is the ideal solution for embedded applications that need heavy-duty computing. 

NVIDIA JETSON is made up of NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture cores, and delier over 1 Teraflop, 4K video encoding/decoding and 64 bit CPUs. Consuming only 10 Watts it delivers excellent power efficiency.


Deep learning Inference Platform

Nvidia provides a range of Inference software and Accelerators for Datacenter, Edge, Cloud and Autonomous machines.

Demand for sophisticated AI services such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing, visual search and personalized recommendations is exploding. On the other hand, growing data sets, increasingly complex networks and low latency requirements are tightening to meet user requirements

INVIDIA® TensorRT™ - a programmable inference accelerator. INVIDIA® TensorRT™ delivers the performance that is so critical to powering the next generation of Artifical intelligence products and services - wherever they may be : in the datacenter, on the edge, in vehicles, embedded in machines or on the Cloud.       
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