Illustrative representation of hyper converged systems of Frontier Business Systems

Gain big with HCI

-Deploy VM's at the speed of Cloud : Easily add VM's with a few clicks. Any generalist can be used for deployment. Experience Simplified IT operations.

Easily update firmware and drives. Get high data availability. Features include data mobility across systems and cloud.

Reduce costs: Pay as you grow - easily add or remove capacity.  DR costs are significantly lower.

Benefits of Hyperconvergence

1. The Software defined nature of HCI provides agility and flexibility  
2. You can use commodity X86 hardware which reduces cost 
3.  Reduces storage and bandwidth requirements

4. Easier management: storage, compute and network can be managed through software as a single system 
5. Easier to scale in or out. Helps easy backup and restore

illustration of converged infrastructure solutions by hyper converged architecture

Hyperconvergence reduces the complexity of storage and computing

Hyper Converged Infrastructure also called HCI reduces the complexity of managing multiple storage and computing devices from different vendors.

HCI is a software centric architecture that integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources in a commodity hardware box that is supported by a single vendor and managed through a single easy to use but scalable software application. As a result organizations can easily manage complex infrastructure. HCI is emerging as a technology that can be deployed in organizations of all sizes.


Do you need HCI?

"Whether you need to move to HCI or not is dependent on multiple factors such as: when your hardware refresh is due, applications you intend to deploy, urgency of business requirements for storage and compute, budgetary constraints, viability of private, hybrid and public cloud options, and Security compliance requirements. BCP and DR considerations also features among the many factors to be weighed

Experts at Frontiers helps you choose the right solution for your Hyperconvergence

We can help you choose the right solution for your Hyperconvergence

Frontier can help you in evaluation the selection of best-fit HCI for your datacenter We work with all the major HCI vendors and solutions (HPE Simplivity, Dell EMC VxRail, CISCO Hyperflex, Flexpod and Nutanix). We have over two decades of experience in datacenter technologies, compute and storage. Frontier is a leading solution provider of Hperconverged Infrastructure, virtualization, private, hybrid and public cloud solutions.

Choosing best cloud solution vendors

Multiple Hyperconvergence Vendors. How do you choose?

There are multiple vendors offering varying capacities, features and configurations of HCI. Selecting an appropriate HCI solution for your requirements can be a complex task since several factors need to be weighed such as: Hardware dependencies. Nodal architecture of the HCI, manageability, hardware utilization efficiencies, DRAM support, fitness to purpose, redundancy and availability.

Picture of Frontier Business Systems -  HPE Simplivity hyperconverged platform best for enterprises

HPE Simplivity - Hyperconverge

HPE The best hyperconverged platform for the enterprise. Combines data services that are best-in-class with a server that is a worldwide bestseller Request more information

We are HPE Platinum partners

Given our expertise in HPE solutions and our extensive sales, Frontier enjoys the status of a HPE Platinum Partner - the highest partner status available. 

Simplivity Expertise

Our Solution architects have architected and executed several  hyerconvergence solutions build around Simplivity. 

Dell EMC VxRail from Frontier Business System is effective for hyperconverged solution

Dell VXRail

Whether you are looking for the mobile app, web app, you are at right place.

Derive Savings, Scale, Simplicity and Results

VXRail is a VMWare hyper-converged Infrastructure appliance family that is preconfigured, completely integrated and preconfigured. It significantly reduces capital and operational costs. When VXRails is combined with PowerEdge servers, it ends up offering highly configurable appliances that can meet any use case.

 Dell EMC transforms VxRail

Dell EMC VxRail appliances feature Intel Xeon processors that offer the option of platforms that can be configured-to-order. These platforms can deliver data services and better QoS resulting in faster and simpler delivery of Virtual desktops , business-critical applications and remote office infrastructure. VxRail is a simple and highly cost effective hyperconverged solution. It solvers many virtualization infrastructure challenges and is designed to support a wide range of workloads and applications


CISCO Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Innovation from top to bottom: HyperFlex M5 nodes built on fifth-generation Cisco UCS.. The next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure:

Automation of network and security through cisco hyper converged

Tremendous potential

Get Hyperconvergence at 1/3rd the cost. Engineered on CISCO UCS Deployment within minutes Gain over 80% in data storage, space and power savings. Automation of network and security

cisco converged infrastructure to unify storage, compute and networking

CISCO Hyperflex

Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series is the next generation of hyperconvergence. It unifies storage, compute and networking

cisco Hyperflex operations under hyperconverged infrastucture

Major applications

Cisco HyperFlex can: Accelerate VDI adoption, greatly simplify Citrix XenDesktop, assist in rapid deployment of VMWare View, bring agility to DevOps and speed up SAP design


Nutanix Products.

Run any application at any scale, simply and securely with One OS, One Click

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to simplify  datacenter infrastructure

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Nutanix simplifies datacenter infrastructure by integrating server, storage, networking and virtualization resources into a turnkey hyperconverged solution that runs any application at any scale and can be deployed in less than 60 minutes. Get the power of One OS, One Click

Nutaix products to integrate in one hyperconverged platform

Beyond HCI

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud integrates storage, virtualization, networking and server into one hyperconverged platform. It can run any workload at any scale, and removes the complexity of legacy infrastructure.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Software that unifies private and public cloud in one click

One OS, One Click

Nutanix is a single software that unifies your private and public clouds. It delivers the simplicity of managing multi-cloud deployments in one click.

Illustrative representation of Virtual cloud storage network of vSAN and VSphere

VMware vSAN

VMware vSAN powers industry-leading Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions with a vSphere-native, high-performance architecture.

Deduplication and Compression

vSAN can perform block-level deduplication and compression to save storage space. 

Updated Information

Administering VMware Virtual SAN is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

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Whether you need more information about Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)  in general, or a HCI solution from Dell, HPE, Nutanix or CISCO, or a tech day on HCI, or a discussion with our Solution architect, contact us, and we will revert to you fast.