Representation of storage assessment of an enterprise

We can help : Storage assessment, architecture, deployment and management

A good strategy to develop storage roadmaps that stay relevant would be to understand data from the stage of creation, to utilization , to management and meeting compliance requirements. Our assessments will factor in : current technologies, upgrades, archival and storage requirements, compliance requirements, and application relevant requirements. We will also be looking at bandwidth consumption, access points and their security.

Ilustration of storage architecture of Frontier Business Systems

Based on the results thrown up by the assessment, we architect your storage (taking into account storage that you already possess, your current requirements and future projections), and develop an implementation plan.

We will categorize your data based on importance and risk assessments. The categorizations will in turn be used to develop appropriate security measures for each category Backup and DR plans will be developed for all your data, again based on data categorization. Keep your data stays protected and compliant with all the required security standards and applicable laws. Know More FRONTIER WORKS WITH ALL THE LEADING STORAGE TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS